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Anonymous: favorite blogs? also happy easter!

There are so many blogs I love, and so many lovely people who run them. Happy easter to you as well, anon


ok so i’m going to make a new favourites page as i wanted to update it and make a new one altogether haha!
so basically if you have a vintage blog (can be colour/b&amp;w ect) reblog this to be considered on my favourites page (basically a page of a  collection of my favourite blogs so i can direct people who may be looking for good blogs or just for me to simply go through my favourites and find them easily)
i don’t have a certain amount required, just a collection of vintage blogs!

you will get:
a follow from me if i’m not following already!
obviously a place on my favourites page forever
a friend, simply message me if you would like to talk/be friends!
&amp; because it’s easter, i will give promo’s/ make fansigns for my top favourites!

must reach to over 10 other wise i will delete this and pretend it never happened haha, happy reblogging xxx